Welcome to Silicon Valley Visual Arts, Inc.

Silicon Valley Visual Arts, Inc, isa 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the arts throughout Silicon Valley and peninsula communities from Belmont to Gilroy.

Silicon Valley Visual Arts, Inc. was established in 1999 as an out growth of Silicon Valley Open Studios which had been operating as an independent organization since 1986. Silicon Valley Visual Arts sponsors the largest artist event of the Bay Area—the annual Silicon Valley Open Studios when, for three unforgettable weekends, artists open their studios to art lovers and art buyers for an up-close and personal look into their creative process.

Silicon Valley — A Region of Creativity

Silicon Valley is recognized as one of the most creative centers for technology in the world. The region attracts some of the most highly educated and creative people in the world and the region boasts one of the highest levels of PhDs per capita in the country. In addition, the region attracts highly skilled and educated people from around the world resulting in a rich diversity of culture and talent.

Less well known, is the rich diversity of fine art in Silicon Valley. Many of the people who come here also express their creativity in a variety of art, or bring exciting artists to the area as part of their families. As a result, Silicon Valley is home to some of the finest artwork in the country, that rivals the finest work from San Francisco, Carmel, or New York.