Jennifer Roberts Almodova

Medium: Mixed Media, Sculpture, Watercolor

“I’ve spent my life in the arts, first captivated by sculpture, earning both bachelors and masters degrees in this tactile discipline. Shortly thereafter, I was irresistibly drawn to the fresh beauty of watercolor, a medium I’ve devoted myself to as an artist and arts educator at the University level for the last 30+ years. Realizing ones’ inspiration through art making is not without friction! What inspires me? The people I encounter, and Nature: the ocean, the air, the terrestrial. I strive to create living works of art, providing sources of pleasure, mystery, illumination, and joy. SVOS brings together both artists and art enthusiast alike and has done so for more than three decades, and what a delight to be able to participate!”

Jennifer will be exhibiting her art on SVOS Weekend #1, May 7-8, 2022 at Site #331 in Half Moon Bay


Ellen Silva

Medium: Painting

Expression through art has been a consistent theme my life. As a visual artist I began painting as soon as I could hold a brush (age 3). My first works were “impressionistic” using watercolors (Popeye followed by the Pony Express). I was influenced by poster artist Peter Max, and album cover artists of the 1960’s known for their bright colors and swirling psychedelic graphics. In High School I experimented with new mediums, including oils and pastels, and studied the styles of Vincent Van Gogh’s and Toulouse-Lautrec. I earned a Bachelors in Design/Illustration at SJSU. Self-employed since 1980, graphics clients include Joan Baez, Stanford Medical Center, Cities of San Carlos, San Mateo and Palo Alto, San Mateo Public Library, San Francisco & Palo Alto Chamber Orchestras, San Carlos Art & Wine Faire, etc. In 1996, I began volunteering on mural projects with Precita Eyes Mural Center. I’ve directed mural projects in Bay Area schools from Marin to South Bay. Mural commissions include: Designing and painting 3 large-scale Dante murals at St. Mary’s College in Moraga with my mentor, Susan Cervantes (founder of Precita Eyes), and a group mural project at SF MOMA. I’ve directed over 200 school mural projects and have received many residential and commercial mural commissions. From 2014-2019 I was an Art Specialist with the Cabrillo School District. In 2010, I joined CoCA (Colony of Coastside Artists) and found my way back to my original love of painting, creating nature-inspired art for show and sale.

Exhibiting at SVOS Weekend #1, May 7-8, 2022 at Site #341 in El Granada.

Barbara Grauke

Medium: Glass

“I am the type of artist who can only produce work if I am challenged. Choosing glass has always been challenging and rewarding. I have developed techniques that can never produce identical results and I am still adding creative ideas to those techniques. I have worked in stained glass, glass blowing, painting, fusing and more. I now work with powders creating designs that are chaotic but fluid; a lot like the ocean nearby me. I initially joined SVOS showing at an offsite location and hosting a few other artists as my studio seemed too remote to draw much interest. I found it a great opportunity to explain my art and to meet other wonderful art-minded people. This will be the first time I am opening my studio on site. I hope to see you all!”

Exhibiting at SVOS Weekend #1, May 7-8, 2022 at Site #268 in La Honda.