Brad Burkhart’s art explores the collective, cultural calling many of us feel to reintegrate intuition with rationality.

Art by Intuition
Like many artists, I reach beyond the conscious, commenting, language-oriented mind and into the intuitive part of the psyche to create my imagery. Through a unique process of artistic inquiry, I grope for meaning in an as yet unseen future, where internal reconciliation of the individual with the world is possible.

I am convinced that humanity feels a hunger for this reconciliation at present, and we are poised to expand beyond a dualistic relationship with reality and self. My entire artistic process is an offering to this cultural expansion.

I feel passionate about creating art that reconnects individuals and groups with a universal quality of intuitive understanding. Fostering this experience is the mission I am most committed to in my art, and I offer my sculptures as a source of renewal for our shared culture.

Instagram: bradburkhart_sculptor
Facebook: BradBurkhartSculptor