A native of Silicon Valley, Renée Switkes finds her inspiration in nature and her backyard art studio. After earning her degree from San Jose State University, she began teaching the love of art to children of all ages. While raising her family, she continued to explore her creativity, but it wasn’t until 2021 that she began exhibiting her paintings. In just two years, her work has been displayed at several galleries, including Abrams Claghorn Gallery, SFWA, and Voss Gallery. Renée has also received recognition for her work with two platinum and two bronze awards. Her paintings have been collected by private collectors across the globe, from France to India and in various locations in the United States. Her recent acceptance into the state-wide competition and salon by the Triton Museum in Santa Clara is a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft.

“My art tells a story through the symbolism of flowers. I find inspiration in local gardens, where I photograph these beautiful blooms. Before starting a new painting, I scroll through my archive, envisioning the sentiments that my soul needs to express. My work primarily conveys positive thoughts because the world is already full of negativity. I strive to bring joy to others through my art. Using a mixture of colors, I create a delicate, opaque surface that mimics the flowers and captures the tender transparency that the light provides. Through painting these lovely flowers, I find balance and harmony in both my art and daily life.”

Renee Switkes paintings