Color is what inspires me and it is all around us. As an interior designer,  I have been adding color to homes and offices for 35+ years.  I know the importance it has on our well-being.  It is in our DNA

Although I have also been an artist  for most of my life, I recently discovered Alcohol Ink as my preferred medium.  It truly speaks to me and it allows me to express myself in ways that cannot be said in words.  It has a spontaneous nature, and it has vibrant colors no other material can produce.   It creates shapes and designs that are beyond words, and yet it can express deep personal emotion and joy.  Everybody sees it differently based on their own experiences and that is what makes it so much fulfilling to view.

When I paint, I listen to light classical music, and I select the colors that inspire me at that moment. Sometimes I have an image that moves me and sometimes I just paint but I always have something in mind.

Painting with alcohol ink is somewhat akin to the enjoyable relationship that I have with my clients.  Together, before doing anything else, we develop a “Master Plan.”  This will be the look and feel of the project and of course the colors.  Over time, we work to create this idea into something that is beautiful, meaningful, and healthy for the client.

In the case of the alcohol ink, the ink represents the client.  At first, It doesn’t know where it wants to go, and I as the artist who has an idea (Master Plan), direct it with movement, air brushes, paint brushes and other tools, in order to keep it in focus.  After the painting is finished, I look at it and enhance with other materials such as acrylic pens and metallic paints.  The goal is to create something that is also beautiful, meaningful, and contributes to the well-being of the viewer.